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China Institute for Employment Research (CIER), established in March 2004, mainly focuses on
issues of employment, unemployment and labor markets both in China and abroad. The current director of CIER is Professor Zeng Xiangquan and the deputy director is Professor Yang Weiguo .

CIER has thirteen faculty members and visiting scholars, including oversea experts such as: Professor SZELL, the former vice president of University of Osnabruck in Germany, Professor Haizheng Li from George Brown College in USA, and Professor HYO-SOO LEE, the director of the South Korean National Labor Economics Academy, and Chinese experts in Labor Economics such as: Professor Zhao Lvkuan, Professor Zeng Xiangquan , ProfessorYao Yuqun , Professor Pan Jintang, and ProfessorYang Weiguo , Professor Zhao Zhong, Associate Professor Yi Dinghong, Associate Professor Ding Dajian, Associate Professor Liu Erduo, Associate Professor Tang Kuang. 70% of the faculty members and visiting scholars in CIER are honored with Professor title and 90% have a PhD degree.

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