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The Ministry of Education Major Subject Research Project
The ministry of education major subject research project: Employment Strategy in China during the Process of Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects
 “Employment Strategy in China during the Process of Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects”—a major subject research project of the ministry of education has been accomplished by the research team hosted by Professor Zeng Xiangquan.The final achievement of this research project—a book named “Employment Strategy in China during the Process of Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respectshas been published by The Publishing House Of Economic Science recently.
This book is consisted of one general report and several special reports. All these reports provide a comprehensive and systematical description of current employment macro-environment and employment situation and perform an in-depth analysis of measuring employment and unemployment, the relation between macroeconomic policy and employment promotion, the relation between urbanization and employment of transferring rural labor, the development of human resources and strategy of youth employment and the relation between intermediary agent in the labor market and employment promotion, which are the crucial problems closely related to the employment and develop an employment development strategy summarized as “a platform, two enhancement ,three balances, four improvement, and five perfection”.
In the reports, some research fields and methods such as measuring natural rate of unemployment, surveying job vacancy, designing employment measurement system at corporate level, analyzing the effect of intermediary agent in the labor market has reached the leading level in domestic labor economics research. Meanwhile, the research conclusions and policy recommendations will support policy makerstheortically and pratically.
From now on till 2020, China is in an important period of strategic opportunity to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects. During this period, labor market in China is facing a wide range of issues including enormous pressure of labor supply, structural weaknesses of labor market, backward employment measuring system and statistic infrastructure, lack of employability and weakness of intermediary agent in the labor market. To understand and solve these problems, to enlarge employment and perform promotional employment strategy and policy so that the aim of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects will be achieved is a test for the policy-makers and researchers of labor economics. These reports try to help answer the questions above and provide solutions based on the research methods such as document study, in-depth interview, questionnaire survey, statistical analysis and econometric analysis. These reports provide the following conclusions: firstly, until 2020,the situation of employment in China is still serious since the enormous pressure of labor oversupply, increasing natural rate of unemployment and  serious frictional and structual unemployment; secondly, backwardness of traditional tools and system of employment-unemployment measurement such as coporate employment measurement and statistic system and registered unemployment rate in cities and towns and lack of formal measurement system of flexible employment result in the difficulties to reflect real situation of labor market in China; thirdly, competitive exchange rate and growth of export is an effective way to promote employment. And the technological progress has a crucial impact on the industry structure and skill structure of employees; forthly, urbanization didn’t absorb enough rural labor force as expected, which reflects a reality that though unprecedented rapid urbanization in China is still at low level and the institutional environment in most cities is against transferring of rural labor force; fifth,youth employment is critical aspect of current and future employment policy and employment research; sixth, though the degree of openness increasingly enhanced and effect of employment promotion progressively improved, the development of public intermediaries in the labor market is limited by its bad credit, poor information and weak service correlation.

In the reports, researchers design an employment development strategy to adapt the needs of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects, which is as follows: firstly, to design a market-oriented platform of measuring employment-unemployment and provide scientific, timely and accurate information for the employment development strategy; secondly, to enhance the ability of sustainable economic growth to strengthen the integration of  economic policies and unify economy development and employment growth; thirdly, to balance development of urban and rural economy and labor market to  encourage employment transferring from rural areas to urban areas; fourthly, to reinforce the ability related to human resources accumulation,improve employment ability of employee, reduce structural unemployment; fifthly, to perfect government function to stimulate employment and decrease frictional unemployment.

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