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National Social Science Funds Major Subject Research Project
National Social Science Funds Major Subject Research Project: Implementing a Strategy to Increase Employment: Theories and Measures of Job Creation, Skill Development, Service of Intermediary Agent and  anti- discrimination
In the Hu Jintao's report at 17th Party Congress, implementing a strategy to increase employment is presented clearly. In order to implement the strategy successfully, we need to take in current situation of labor market in China, especially the problems facing employment. First of all, high economic growth and high unemployment coexist in China. Around 1980s, employment rate rise 0.31% induced by 1% GDP growth, while in the late of 1990s, employment rate drop to 0.1%. Meanwhile, the number of industrial and commercial enterprise shrunk dramatically, which damage the micro-basis of job creation. Secondly, employability employability is another important factor affecting employment scale. In the group of unemployment in China, structural unemployment is prominent. Thirdly, underdeveloped and imperfect intermediaries in labor market decrease the efficiency of job-person match, increase unemployment in labor market and reduce the overall employment in labor market. Finally, in HRM practice, the phenomenon of discrimination against gender, age and identity, which have a harmful influence on the employment strategy from equal institutional environment.
In conclusion, it is meaningful theoretically and practically in the perspective of job creation to carry out research on employability enhancement, service of labor market intermediaries and anti-discrimination and policy of expanding employment in China and to implement strategy of expanding employment.
The objective and clue of this research project is “Implementing Development Strategy of Expanding Employment” and the framework of it is “Job Creation ,Employability, Service of Labor Market Intermediaries and Government Policy”. We believe that job creation is a micro-basis to implement expanding employment strategy. Without job creation, the strategy will be water without a source. Employability is a guarantee of effective labor supply. Without general employability and special employability meeting the needs of enterprises, job vacancies produced in the economic growth won’t transfer into real employment. Labor market intermediaries are bridges connected labor supply and demand. Without service of labor market intermediaries with high professionalism and specialty, the match between labor demand and supply will be a high-cost process and much frictional unemployed will be a reality. Anti-discrimination policy is helpful to create an equal institutional environment, because both statistical discrimination and individual discrimination are harmful to efficiency of human resource management, to say nothing of building harmonious society full of justice and fairness.
There are four subtopics in this research project: job creation and expanding employment; employability improvement and employment expansion; service of labor market intermediaries and employment expansion; anti-discriminationa and employment expansion t.
Every subtopic is assigned by logic sequence of theoretical analysis to empirical research to policy suggestion and analyzed by documentations research, in-depth interview, questionnaire survey and econometric Analysis as research methods.
Former Project Specialist: Zeng Xiangquan
Subproject priciple: YangWeiguo, ChangKai, YaoYuqun, PanJintang, ChengYanyuan, ZhouWenxia

Priciple member in project team: YiDinghong, Tangkuang, DingDajian, LiuErduo, XuFang, Lililin, Yangjing, Wangting, BiXianping, CuiYuxue, Wangjian, LiHongjian.

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