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Working Papers
Building a survey system of flexible employment all over China
Abstract: With the development of flexible employment in China, flexible employment has become more and more important. But the statistic of flexible employment has not been included in the statistic system in China. On one hand, because of its complexity, flexible employment has not been defined statistically by the scholars and the department of statistic of government, which make the assess result different from the fact. On the other hand, the data of flexible employment originates several different surveys, including enterprise survey, labor survey and the record of government. These data not only overlap, but also can’t reflect the whole situation when they are added up. At the same time, there are problems with the reliability of the data. Compared with informal employment, flexible employment comprises more employment forms. So we can’t use the definition and statistic method to measuring flexible employment directly. Therefore, we can build a system of employment based on labor survey in China. The flexible employment survey can be a part of labor with some index including law supervision, employee situation, workplace, labor relation and labor protection. Through a series of policy for flexible employment, the reliability of the data can be raised.
Key words: flexible employment; measurement
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