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Job seeking of College Graduates
Abstract: This paper gathers domestic and foreign research literatures on graduates’ employment and examines the problems associated with graduates job seeking in China from the point of view of the evolution of the system of graduates’ employment, the change of supply and demand in graduates’ employment market, personal employment intention and behavior, the expectation of employers to graduates’ employment and policies of graduates’ employment overseas, through the use of questionnaire survey, statistical analysis and in-depth interview. The paper suggests that although there are some difficulties associated with graduates job seeking, the difficulties are magnified because of the limitation in designing the indicators of graduates’ employment, such as first employment rate. The conclusions drawn from the research are as follows: the difficulty in seeking for jobs by graduates is partially due to the lack of employability and the slow response to market of universities and graduates; Some institutional regulations such as census register system and employment agreement system have negative effect on the job seeking of graduates; There is an insufficient job search services for graduates and lack of incentive policies and measures that embody national employment strategy. At the end of this paper, some policy implications are put forward on how to alleviate difficulties of graduates’ employment in labor market, especially on how to decrease structural unemployment and frictional unemployment and promote the efficiency of human capital investment.
Key words: Graduates; Difficulty Finding Employment; Employment Environment
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