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CIER Report of the Third Quarterly of 2015

This year, the international situation has become increasingly complex, which has become a big challenge for China, the country which faces on growth phase shift, structural adjustment pains and stimulus digestion period at the same time.In the third quarter of this year, China's economic growth continued to slow, in September, China's official manufacturing PMI index was 49.8, still below 50 from the watershed. In spite of this, the value has been higher than in August, reflecting the economic contraction narrowed, China's economy or will be a slight rebound in the four quarter. China Institute For Employment Research and issued for the third quarter of 2015 the CIER report shows that in the adjustment of economic structure, CIER index has risen from 2.03 in the second quarter fell by 1.96, that employment market in labor demand is still more than supply, but the employment market overall has tend to tense situation. From the view of the employment needs of the different regions, different industries and enterprises of different nature, growth in demand for emerging services such as Internet and financial recruitment continued to lead, and industries such as manufacturing, real estate, state of labor demand remains sluggish. In addition, the urbanization is detonated three lines following the city's employment needs.

1. Recruiting demand in the third quarter was decreased and the labor market tends to tense situation.

2. Analysis of employment situation in different industries

u  Emerging service industry employment situation is good, the traditional manufacturing employment situation is poor

u  The growth of labor demand for internet and financial industry continue to lead



u  Traffic industry talent demand growth accelerated, the foreign trade industry continues to develop, real estate has been shrouded in gloom

3. Analysis on the employment situation of the region, first tier and second tier cities

u  The employment situation in the eastern region is good, and the employment situation in the western region is poor.

u  The urbanization detonated the employment needs

4. Analysis on the employment situation of different scale enterprises

5. Analysis on the employment situation of different nature enterprises

6. Trends and Outlook: the fourth quarter of the employment market is still in a bearish channel

If eliminates the effect of seasonal factors and long-term factors, the employment market is in a bearish channel. The weakness in employment market is closely related with the current sluggish macroeconomic trends.

However, the "Internet+ " has become an irreversible trend, will continue to create a new form of employment opportunities, promote the change of employment structure.

In addition, with the development of the social situation and the upgrading of the level of urbanization, the talent attraction in the middle and small cities in the eastern and central regions will be increasingly enhanced.


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