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Professor Zeng Xiangquan,Chang Kai and so on Attend The 17th International Labour and Employment Relations Association(ILERA)
The 17th ILERA World Congress was hosted from the 7-11 September 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa, more than 700 academic circles, trade unions, business
and government representatives from the world's 40 countries came and delivered a speech. The ILERA, as the most influential in the labor field, held once every three years,the Cape Town conference's theme is "The Changing World of Work: Implications for Labour and Employment Relations and Social Protection". The director of China Institute for Employment Research (CIER), the professor of School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China, Zeng Xiangquan, the director of the Institute for Labor Relations, the professor of School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China, Chang Kai were invited to attend the 
conference, and delivered a speech.
At this conference, the general assembly held a new election of the Executive Committee of the Association of Labor and Employment Relations.The general assembly has elected 5 new members of the Executive Committee by the anonymous voting and differential elections. Professor Zeng Xiangquan as a representative of Asia has been elected, this is the first time for Chinese mainland being elected since the first elected executive committee, is also a historic breakthrough in mainland China since 2012, the 16th meeting successfully joining the association. Professor Zeng Xiangquan will work with the president of the association of the next international labor and emplement relations, South Korea,Korea University, Professor Dong-One Kim, as the representative of the Asian Association for the daily work. The successful election of Professor Zeng 
Xiangquan shows that the Chinese labor community have got a high degree of recognition and affirmation in the world. It also shows that China has played an increasingly important role in the international labor and practice.
Professor Chang Kai, who led the team in the main forum conference successfully held the "China labor relations, the labor law and the development  of social  protection" thematic forum, this is the second time since the 16th general assembly in 2012 of successfully organizing Chinese thematic forum. On the theme of the forum, Professor Chang Kai made a special report on the "development and new trends of China's labor relations and labor movement", he analyzed the current Chinese labor movement in two different forces and its power sources, and expounds the development characteristics and future development trend of China's current labor relations. In addition, Professor Pan Shih-wei, Professor Fang Lee Cooke and TrywellKalusopa three professors respectively from different perspectives made the special report on China's labor relations, the influence of corporate social  responsibility and Chinese overseas investment etc.
Professor Zeng Xiangquan also presided over the China Labor and employment relations challenge of the sub forum, our Wu Qingjun associate professor do a paper report about "China's state-owned enterprises wage decision  mechanism and labor relations model". The forum appointed the president of the 10th International Labor and Employment Relations, the American famous labor relations expert, MIT Sloan school of management, Thomas Kochan professor as a comment guest, he made a brilliant comment on four articles from China.
In the global conference, the proportion of Chinese theme elements heavier than the previous. In addition to Professor Zeng Xiangquan was elected executive committee, Professor Chang Kai delegations organized Chinese thematic forum, Professor Thomas Kochan and Arnold Zack on the main forum conference do "Building Capacity to Manage Workplace Conflict in China" theme of the report, American Professor Liu Mingwei involved in the "global labor relationship" special topic forum rely on the study of China's labor relations,Professor Liu Yanbin on behalf of China Labor Association report to the General Assembly about the preparations of the 9th Asia International Labor and Employment Relations Association Conference, which will be held in 2016 in Beijing. Rising proportion of Chinese theme elements not only shows that China's labor relations has become a hot topic of the international academic circles, but also shows that China's labor relations have been involved in the discussion of the international community and become one of the sources of  global knowledge contribution.
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