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CIER Report of the First Half Year of 2015
During the first half year of 2015, Chinese economy has gone stable. CIER and created CIER, which indicates the overall trend of employment market. The index is analyzed based on position demand and supply data from and indicate the change of the ratio of vacancies and applicants in different industries and cities to monitor labor market situation and confidence.
When CIER index is higher than 1, demand in labor market is more than supply, which means that the competition is getting mild and labor confidence is higher. The higher the index, the better the labor market. CIER is a valuable reference of labor market.
1. CIER index in the second quarter was decreased and the labor market was getting tough.

2. Talents were in short supply in finance and internet industry.

Finance industry was in high growth and the employment was promoted.

Industrial transformation boosted internet industry.


Talent demand in foreign trade industry continuously increased.

Real estate industry was on the increase and CIER index was in the first tier, while the increase has not fully turned to employment.

3. Private and joint venture enterprises had high CIER index, while state-owned and public enterprises had low CIER index.

4. Prediction of the trend
CIER index of the second half year of 2015 will continuous go up and the employment environment will get loose

Internet industry will improve efficiency and will re-shape traditional industries.
Finance industry will flourish, which will strong help the real industries
Internet, startups and innovation will boost development in tier two and tier three cities and competition for compound talent will still be fierce.
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