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The Second Quarterly Review of China Employment Was Held Successfully in RUC

On July 12, 2013, CIER successfully held 2013 Second Quarterly Review of China Employment at Room 347 of Qiushi Building, RUC. Deputy Director of Department of Employment and Income Distribution, National Development and Reform Commission Hu Deqiao, Deputy Director of Department of Employment Promotion of MHRSS Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Department of Population and Employment Statistics Peng Yongtao, the general manager of the Human Resources Development Company in Suzhou Industrial Zone Kang Yue, Zhilian Zhao Pin Product Operation Executive Director Hao Jian attended the meeting at invitation. Professor Zeng Xiangquan, Director of SLHR and CIER Researcher Ding Dajian, and other research staff Geng Lin, Ge Yuhao, Cui Yuxue, Wu Qiang, Hao Yuming, Yang Yumei also participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Tang Kuang, Deputy Secretary of Party of SLHR, RUC and Deputy Director of CIER.

Seminar Scene

Professor Zeng Xiangquan

Deputy Researcher Cui Yuxue made a report entitled “The Analysis of 2013 Second Quarter Chinese Labor Market Conditions Based on the Data from and Suzhou Industrial Zone”. She gave a brief overview of employment situation in the first quarter of 2013, described the online recruitment data and analysed the overall employment situation and the CIER index changes of the second quarter of 2013, outlined the structural changes in market supply, and gave an in depth analysis about the employment and other situation in different industries, occupations, regions (cities) and a typical region (Suzhou Industrial Zone). The main conclusions in the report are: (1) Compared with the same period in the last year, the employment growth rate in the second quarter far exceeded the job seekers growth rate. Therefore, the CIER index dropped compared to the same period. While compared with last quarter, the CIER chain index rose slightly. The data showed that the current employment situation is basically stable. (2) From the job structure changes, there was a certain pressure of employment. (3) The CIER index of the first and the second cities, as well as the eastern, middle and western region, was lower than the same period in the last year, but exceeded last quarter. (4) The index showed that the employment in small company was more easily affected by economic fluctuations. (5) The CIER index rose in the wholly foreign-owned enterprise, while in the state organs, state-owned enterprises the index dropped. (6) The employment pressure in Suzhou Industrial Zone decline significantly, but it was still too high and the supply and demand contradictions were still outstanding.

Deputy Researcher Cui Yuxue

The general manager Kang Yue made a presentation entitled "  Human resources report of Suzhou Industrial Zone the second quarter in 2013". First of all, he analysed the human resources index and market data about the Zone in the second quarter, and introduced the characteristics about the supply and demand in human resource market. Graduate recruitment ratio decreased in manufacturing industry and service industry. While in high-tech enterprises, the ability to absorb fresh graduates was strong. Then he forecast the human resources situation in the three quarter of 2013. 


The General Manager Kang Yue

Associate researcher Geng Lin made a report entitled "Analysis of CIER index based on the labor market” with the updated research results since July, 2008 till June, 2013. Conclusions are drawn by the basic situation of macro economy introduction, the trend and period analysis of CIER index, the analysis between CIER index and relevant macroeconomic indicators; predictive analysis on CIER index showed that: (1) The CIER monthly index in the second quarter in 2013 showed declining trend, but it was higher than the first quarter. (2) The trend subitem of CIER monthly index had been in the process of decline, but the descent was more and more small. The cycle subitem of CIER monthly index increased slightly. In general, the index was basically stable in the long run. (3) The cycle subitem of CIER monthly index and PMI showed significant negative correlation, as well as the Huifeng PMI employment index and the macroeconomic early-warning index. (4) If we do not take into account the seasonal factors, the CIER monthly index of the third quarter in 2013 will be flat with the second quarter; If we consider the seasonal factors, the index well drop significantly compared with the second quarter.


Associate Researcher Geng Lin

After that, the Deputy Director Hu Deqiao, Zhang Ying, Peng Yongtao, chief inspector Hao Jian and so on spoke highly of seminar for the efforts of our researchers and exchanged their own viewpoints with the experts.

Deputy Director Hu Deqiao

Deputy Director Zhang Ying

Deputy Director Peng Yongtao

At the end, Dean Zeng made a summary of the meeting. He believes that in the future we should further strengthen the study in the following aspects: the total employment, the employment structural contradictions, the policy impact and the occupation development. He gave thanks to the support and efforts of the government, enterprises and the academia to the quarterly employment analysis conference. He hoped that all sides would continue work together to implement the goal of promoting quality employ in the “eighteen" report.


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