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Dean Zeng Xiangquan Visits U.K. and Ireland and Signs Collaborative Agreements

Dean Zeng Xiangquan and others in the SLHR delegation visited University of Cambridge, University of Warwick, Cardiff University, Dublin City University, University College Dublin and University of Limerick from 23 to 27 July 2012. Via thorough communication and discussion, the SLHR reached agreements with these universities on faculty and student exchange as well as research collaboration.

In order to achieve Renmin's Ten Years’ Plan of Taking-off, the SLHR’s strategy of ‘One Centre, Two Plans and Three Platforms’ (that is, to become the world leading centre for labor science research, talent training and social services; Ten years’ plan for research cooperation with world leading universities and research institutions, as well as international publication plan; to construct database platform, communication platform and simulation training platform), and Renmin’s new talent cultivation standards stressing quality and internationalization which was put forwarded by recent Renmin’s Schools Meeting, the SLHR proactively promotes undergraduate international exchange programs, and aims to offer all the undergraduate students in the School an opportunity to study abroad in the world foremost universities within five years. Via the visit to the and , the SLHR has made a remarkable progress towards this strategic goal.

At the invitation of Professor William Brown, CBE, the Chair of the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences and the Master of Darwin College, University of Cambridge, Dean Zeng Xiangquan delivered a speech in English in the Centre for International Human Resource Management (CIHRM), at the University of Cambridge, on the afternoon of 23 July. After the speech, Professors Zeng and Zhou had a detailed and constructive discussion with Dr Philip Stiles and Dr Jonathan Trevor, the Co-Directors of the CIHRM, on matters such as collaborative platform, collaborative research, co-organized seminar, Human Resources senior executive training program, and formed a consensus on further collaboration.

On 24 July, Dean Zeng Xiangquan visited the Warwick Business School (WBS) and the Industrial Relations Research Unit (IRRU) of Warwick University. The WBS is a world-class business school. The IRRU, founded by Oxford School of industrial relations, is the foremost industrial relations research institution in Europe. Dean Zeng Xiangquan and Professor Zhou Wenxia took a thorough discussion and reached an agreement with Professor Peter Corvi, Associate Dean of WBS (Undergraduate Programme) and Professor Paul Marginson, Director of the IRRU, on matters such as undergraduate exchange program, collaborative research, co-organized seminar, and so on. According to the Agreement, three undergraduate students will been exchanged between each institution to study for one year.

Dean Zeng Xiangquan visited Cardiff Business School (CBS) and hold a formal meeting with Professor George Boyne, Dean of CBS, Professor Ed Heery, Associate Dean of CBS and others at the lunch time of 25 July. A memorandum of understanding was signed, stating that collaboration on matters such as student exchange, and collaborative research will be initiated. Student exchange program will be launched next year. CBS delegation is scheduled to visit the SLHR in this October.

On the afternoon of 26 July, Dean Zeng Xiangquan visited Dublin City University (DCU) Business School and met Professor Colm O'Gorman, Associate Dean of DCU Business School, Professor Patrick Flood, Head of the HRM and Organizational Psychology Group, Dr Brian Harney, Deputy Director (Knowledge) of the LInK Research Centre and Dr Claire Gubbins. Collaboration framework agreement on matters such as undergraduate exchange, cooperative research, etc. was signed following the meeting.

On the morning of 27 July, Dean Zeng Xiangquan visited University College Dublin (UCD) School of Business and had a meeting with Professor Ciarited University, Dean of UCD Business School, Professor Bill Roche, Head of Industrial Relations and HRM Department, Mr Alex Metcalfe, Head of the International Office and others. Both sides shared basic information about faculty and curriculum in each institution and reached a memorandum of understanding on matters such as graduate exchange, cooperative research, etc.
On the afternoon of 27 July, Dean Zeng Xiangquan visited the University of Limerick. Professor Paul McCutcheon, Vice President and Academic & Registrar of the University of Limerick, accompanied by Professor Philip O'Regan, Dean of The Kemmy Business School, Madam Patricia O’Flaherty, Coordinator of International Education Division and Professor Donal Palcic, held a meeting with Professor Zeng and others in the SLHR delegation and signed student exchange agreement.

Professor Zeng and others in the SLHR delegation not only learned about the teaching and research in the partner universities, but also explored local environment including student accommodation, canteens, libraries, student centers, etc., during their visits. The significant achievement made via Dean Zeng’s visit has made a remarkable contribution to the SLHR's internationalization progress, enhanced collaboration with the world-class universities, expanded the SLHR's international influence, and stimulated the students' globalization. Up to this moment, SLHR has reached exchange agreements with a number of world leading universities in the North America and Europe.

Professor Zhou Wenxia, Dr. Huang Wei and Ms Chen Xiaorui, Secretary of International Affairs were in the SLHR delegation.

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