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China Employment Strategy Report 2006-2007
China Employment Strategy Report 2006-2007: Development of Labor Market Intermediaries and Employment Promotion
Zeng Xiangquan
Renmin University of China, Beijing
Abstract: Based on the literature review, questionnaire surveys (questionnaire from 284 recruiting companies, 3165 employees , 1321 job-hunters (882 of them are unemployed) )and in-depth interviews (with part of the companies and job seekers), from the theoretical and empirical perspective, the report conducts a systematic and comprehensive analysis on the following issues of Chinese labor market intermediaries: "The History and Current Situation of Chinese Labor Market Intermediaries”,"The Choice of Job-search Channels by Both The Employed and Unemployed and Its Determinants","The Use of Social Network, Public Employment Intermediary, Labor Dispatch, and Websites in Individual‘s Job Search, and Their Impact on Employment Promotion" and "The Prominent Problems Faced by Chinese Public Employment Service Agencies". The research shows that, as Chinese labor market becomes more and more open, the way of job matching changes and the importance of employment intermediary increases gradually. Social network becomes an important channel for job seekers to get employment information, but the effects vary for different people. Job seekers choose different channels based on their individual characteristics. The labor market intermediaries promote employment by providing job information, while some factors, such as unreliable credit, insufficient information and unfocused service, greatly restrain the effectiveness of Chinese intermediaries on employment promotion. Series of suggestions are put forward to strengthen the infrastructure and platform of Chinese human resource management, construct public employment service organizations and professional teams, introduce performance management in public employment service, enhance the publicity of public employment
service organizations, and improve relevant laws and regulations.
Key words: labor market intermediaries, employment strategy, employment promotion
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