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Chinese Employment Report 2003
Chinese Employment Report 2003:
Job seeking of College Graduates in the Employment Environment under transition
Zeng  Xiangquan
School of Labor & Human Resources
Renmin University of China

The year 2003 is the first peak period of graduates since the expansion of university (college) enrolment. The promotion of graduates’ employment has now become a new employment problem attracting much attention after the reemployment of laid-off workers and the employment of rural labor in urban units. This report deeply and systematically examines the difficulties of graduates’ employment from the point of view of changing employment environment by using the research method of literature review, questionnaire survey and deep interview. The main contents of this report are as follows: analyzing the impact some institutional regulations such as graduates’ employment dispatch, census register system and employment agreement system on the employment of graduates, testing the theoretical hypothesis that graduates usually overestimate their employment expectation by using some survey data, investigating the demand for graduates’ employability from the angle of enterprise by using the survey inventory designed by researchers in Taiwan, exploring the impact of the demand on employment desirability and behavior, summarizing some experiences from developed countries on how to stimulate graduates to work in areas with harsh conditions but having demand for the graduates. The research conclusions and recommendations provided by this report have great theoretical implications and practical value for understanding, judging and solving the problem of graduates’ employment of China.
“job seeking of College Graduates in Employment Environment under transition” is the first report of the “Chinese Employment Report Series ” provided  by the Chinese Institute for Employment Studies, and the School of labor & Human Resources at Renmin University. The next report in the series “ the Measurement of Labor Market” will be published in 2005.
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