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The Third Quarterly Review of China Employment: 2010 Fourth-Quarter Analysis
On October 17, CIER successfully held 2010 Third-Quarter Quarterly Review of China Employment at Room 347 of Qiushi Building of the RUC. Yin Jiankun, deputy director of Department of Employment Promotion of MHRSS, Sun Zhongzhen, division chief of Department of Employment and Income Distribution of Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Zhibin, division chief of Department of Population and Employment Statistics attended the meeting. Professor Zeng Xiangquan, Director of SLHR and CIER, Professor Yi Dinghong, Professor Ding Dajian, Dr. Ge Yuhao, Dr. Xue Cuiyu, Dr. Qing Shisong, Dr. Wu Qiang, Dr. Hao Yuming and other teachers and students participated in the meeting. The Meeting was chaired by Professor Tang Kuang, deputy secretary of Party of SLHR of RUC.
Professor Zeng Xiangquan, Director of SLHR and CIER, briefly introduced the background and main content of the meeting at the beginning and summarized this conference, thanked to the government's support and prospected future work at the end of the meeting.
At first, Professor Ding Dajian made the report entitled “The Analysis of 2010 Third-quarter Chinese Labor Market Conditions-on the basis of Network Recruitment Data from Zhilian and Data of Suzhou Industrial Park”. Subsequently, Dr. Ge Yuhao made the report about “The Analysis of 2010 Third-quarter Chinese Employment Situation and Policies—Training Policies toward Rural Migrant Workers ”.
Deputy Yin Jiankun, Division Chief Sun Zhongzhen and Division Chief Zhang Zhibin expressed their views and comments on the reports above. Combining with the focus of the work of promoting employment during 2011 to 2015, they spoke highly of the analysis and researches made by CIER in the third quarter, and especially made important recommendations on the future theme of the report, way of cooperation and research.
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