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Professor Zeng Attended the Tellocinesia Appraisal Meeting on Sub-project of World Bank TCC5

On August 6th and 7th, 2009, the tellocinesia appraisal meeting on sub-project of World Bank TCC5, Research on Reasonable Regulation of the Regional Income Gap of Civil Servants, was held in Baotou. Dean of the School of Labor and Human Resources, Director of CIER, Professor Zeng Xiangquan presented at the meeting as the person in charge of the overall report. The report he wrote received acclaim of all the judges.  

The panel of appraisal believed that the overall report deeply analyzed the income gap of civil servants based on a sample of 8 provinces and 56 cities with clear objectives and content, scientific and feasible research methods and a clear research route. The discussion in the report on the regional income gaps of civil servants is theoretical and scientifically rational, and the method the report tried to propose to control the regional income gap of civil servants in a reasonable range is innovative. The report provided a comprehensive answer to the three major issues raised at the beginning of the subject design, that how large the gap was, how large it should be and how it could be regulated, and had important referential value to formulate relevant policies. The report is reasonably structured, concise and clear. Finally, the overall report got 94 points and successfully passed the assessment.  

Yang Peiying, Department Director of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Director of Office of Human Resources of Inner Mongolia, Zhao Shiliang, Wu Degui, Vice Dean of China Personnel Science Academy, officials-in-charge of Ministry of Public Finance and members of eastern, middle and western region research groups, over 40 people all together, attended the meeting. Su Zhongxing, a teacher of the School of Labor and Human Resources of RUC and an assistant researcher of CIER, and Xiong Tongcheng, a doctoral student, as a researcher of the research group, attended the meeting as well.

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